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CAMRA campaigns for perry

This October – CAMRA’s inaugural Perry Month – the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a ground-breaking new publication, Perry: A Drinker’s Guide by Adam Wells, about the story of the drinks world’s best kept secret.  

Perry: A Drinker’s Guide will be published in 2024 and successfully achieved 100% funding on Kickstarter in under 24 hours. With the help of over 150 backers so far, the campaign has raised over £5000 for the book. 

The book will help drinkers navigate the styles, flavours, varieties, countries, regions and producers behind this ancient and fascinating drink. Whether long-standing perry fans or those discovering perry for the very first time, the book offers a treasure trove of information. 

Although the biggest industrial brands are on the wane, around the world consumers and producers are waking up to the brilliance, potential and variety to be found in perry and making better, more exciting full-juice perries than have ever been available before. 

Author Adam Wells charts the drink’s remarkable history and walks through the orchards and the trees that make this drink — some of them over three-hundred years old — guiding the reader through perry’s three great heartlands of the UK, Normandy and Austria’s Mostviertel, as well as casting an eye on the makers pioneering this drink elsewhere around the world. 

Backers of the book can be rewarded with exclusive rewards such as perry themed t-shirts, signed copies and the inclusion of their name within the book itself. Early backers were also rewarded with the opportunity to plant a perry tree, to help sustain perry pear orchards in the UK.  

As the founder-editor and primary contributor on Cider Review, the UK’s leading source of long-form articles on cider and perry, Adam Wells has been at the forefront of covering the worldwide cider and perry revolution. 

Described by Gabe Cook as ‘the key cider writer in the UK’, Adam has written for Pellicle,, Burum Collective and Full Juice Magazine amongst others and makes regular presentations on cider and perry as well as co-hosting the Cider Voice podcast. A regular judge at major cider competitions, he is the incoming Chair of the International Cider Challenge.  

Those interested in the Kickstarter campaign and Adam Wells’ perry guide can visit CAMRA’s YouTube channel to watch a video presented by Adam explaining the secrets and the importance of perry. Watch the video here 

To find out more about the book and the campaign behind it, visit CAMRA’s website here. To find out more about CAMRA’s Cider and Perry Months, visit the CAMRA website here 

Coinciding with Perry Month and the book’s Kickstarter campaign, CAMRA has announced that Elizabeth Pimblett, Director of the Museum of Cider in Hereford and co-founder of Cider Women, has won of its prestigious Pomona Award, for her commitment and dedication to the cider community. More information about this award can be found here.