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Press Release


CAMRA Scotland responds to the Budget announcement

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Commenting on the UK Government’s Budget yesterday, Scotland Director for CAMRA Sarah Crawford said:

“CAMRA welcomes the freeze in beer duty – which is a UK-wide tax – but we want to make sure brewers and pub companies pass on any savings on to pub-goers.

“In the upcoming review of alcohol taxation we will be arguing for a cut in beer duty for beer served on tap, which would be the best way to support community pubs.

“Yesterday’s Budget also sees cuts and reliefs to the burden of Business Rates for pubs in England. CAMRA is calling on the Scottish Government to introduce further support and pub-specific rate relief schemes here to help our pubs cope not only with the short-term impacts of coronavirus, but also with the year-round effect that business rates have on the ability of our locals to stay open and thrive. We’d also like to see fundamental changes to the Business Rates system to make sure it is fairer to pubs.

“Cutting duty for draught beer in pubs and changing the Business Rates system are both vital steps to saving community pubs across Scotland from closure.”