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CAMRA voucher scheme

CAMRA’s Real Ale, Cider and Perry Vouchers

The CAMRA Voucher scheme is a member benefit that entitles members to £30, sixty vouchers of fifty pence, off a pint of Real Ale, Cider or Perry.  It complements the existing Real Ale Discount Scheme and is a bigger and better voucher scheme for our members

As of 1 July 2019, we are replacing Wetherspoon vouchers with a new CAMRA owned and operated voucher scheme.

All new and renewing CAMRA members will now receive as of 1 July 2021:

  • £30 (60 x 50p) worth of CAMRA Real Ale, Cider and Perry Vouchers for single and concession members and £40 worth of CAMRA Real Ale (80 x 50p) for joint members
  • Redeemable at over 1,550 pubs nationwide, including Amber Taverns, Brains, Stonegate and J D Wetherspoon managed pubs
  • All vouchers will be valid for the length of membership for added flexibility

Find out more and full Terms and Conditions in our handy FAQs section below.

CAMRA promotes responsible drinking and thus encourages all vouchers to be used responsibly at all times.

The CAMRA Voucher Scheme is in addition to the Real Ale Discount Scheme where around 3500 pubs offer great discount benefits to membership card-carrying CAMRA members.

Voucher redemption: Each voucher is stamped with a start and end date and must be redeemed within this time. A membership card should be produced when using vouchers as proof of membership.

CAMRA promotes responsible drinking and thus encourages all vouchers to be used responsibly at all times.

Find participating pubs near you:

Enter your postcode (in full or part) or town/location below to begin.

A full list – to view online or as a PDF – of participating pubs can also be found below in FAQs: Where can I use the vouchers?

Participating pub chains

**Please note Castle Rock are no longer part of the scheme, so will not accept vouchers. Information is updated wherever possible, but is subject to information being provided and updated by all particpating pubs and pubcos.

880 pubs

104 pubs

83 pubs

253 pubs

78 pubs

62 pubs

10 pubs

39 pubs

3 pubs

11 pubs

20 pubs

Voucher FAQs

Click on a question or the + sign on the right-hand side, to view each question and answer:

Why have you introduced a new voucher scheme?

The new CAMRA voucher scheme is owned and operated by CAMRA, and complements the existing Real Ale Discount Scheme (RADS).

CAMRA campaigns to protect pubs, the discount voucher scheme is undertaken with Pub Chains offering the discount via their managed pub estate.

It still includes J D Wetherspoon but now also includes other pub chains including Stonegate Ltd, S.A.Brain & Co Ltd and Amber Taverns.

The Voucher scheme is not closed, and we are able to add additional companies or pubs as the scheme develops.

*Post-Covid-19, voucher accepting pubs may be subject to change/discretion.
**Castle Rock are currently not accepting vouchers until further notice
How many vouchers do I get?

You will receive £30 of vouchers (or £40 as Joint members), with your membership card, when you join CAMRA or renew your CAMRA membership.

The vouchers are made up of 60 individual vouchers of 50 pence each for single and concession memberships or 80 individual vouchers of 50 pence each for joint memberships.

Do you receive one set of vouchers per member or membership

You receive one set of vouchers per membership.

A Single membership will receive £30 of vouchers.

A Joint membership continues to share one set of £30 vouchers.

When can I use my £30 (Single) /£40 (Joint) vouchers?

Each voucher has your membership start and end date printed on it, and must be used in that period. So you can use your vouchers at any time during your annual membership.

Only one voucher is redeemable for each visit to a pub. A membership card must also be presented.

So you have much greater flexibility with the new vouchers, and you can use them at your own convenience.

Where can I use the vouchers?

The vouchers can be used at all participating pubs in the UK, subject to terms and conditions.

Currently there are over 880 Wetherspoon Pubs, 100 Brains managed pubs,  83 Amber Taverns, and 470 City Taverns, Classic Inns, Common Room, Proper Pubs, Slug and Lettuce, TPK, Venues and Walkabout pubs. More pubs are also joining us.

You can search for all participating pubs using the Postcode Search above or via WhatPub.com where you can search for Voucher participating pubs by category, with this icon Whatpub voucher tag  (as well as Real Ale Discount Scheme pubs with this icon WhatPub RADS tag ).

A full list of ALL participating pubs is also available on WhatPub, here, or as a PDF CAMRA Vouchers – Participating Pubs 17.09.2020 (30+ pages)(correct as of 17/09/20)

* Note – lists include data supplied directly from companies, but there may be some anomalies, and all are subject to change, and terms and conditions.
What are the full Terms & Conditions?

The full Terms and Conditions are as follows:

Terms & Conditions of CAMRA Voucher Scheme:

  1. Has a date on it showing validity.
  2. Is valid at participating pubs in the UK.
  3. Entitles the bearer to 50p towards the cost of a pint of real ale, real cider or real perry (hand-pull and bag in box only). This is subject to respective agreements with Pubs see point 13 below for specific agreements.
  4. Is valid for CAMRA members only and is non-transferable.
  5. Photocopies will not be accepted and if produced, the individual producing it may be liable to prosecution for fraud.
  6. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other deals offered by the participating pubs
  7. Only one voucher per pint redemption per visit
  8. Member must show a valid membership card
  9. No cash alternative is offered or implied
  10. Subject to local licensing restrictions and availability at participating pubs.
  11. CAMRA is not financially liable for redemption of vouchers and no cash refund may be made on these vouchers
  12. Not redeemable by anyone under the age of 18
  13. Specific offers that vary from point 3: Stonegate Pubs – 50p towards Real Ale (hand-pull) only. Brains – 50p towards Brains Real Ales (hand-pull) only.
  14. In the event of exceptional circumstances, participating pubs may be subject to change/discretion for a period of time. Your understanding and continued support are valued at these times.
Do discounts apply to all Real Ale, Real Cider, Real Perry regardless of container?

Each and every pub has the right to apply its own specific exclusions. Please refer to the full terms and conditions (above question) for full details.

Where can I get a voucher discount on cider and perry?

Vouchers are currently accepted by JD Wetherspoon and Castle Rock Brewery for a discount on real cider and real perry.  However, as more pubs join the scheme, we hope more pubs will offer voucher discounts on cider and perry.

Can a member request replacement vouchers?

We will not be issuing any replacement vouchers.

If a member leaves, will you request vouchers to be returned?

The vouchers need to be presented with a valid membership card. Vouchers are date stamped to match the membership period and therefore cannot be used outside of the membership.

I still have old Wetherspoon Vouchers, can I still use them until I renew and receive the new vouchers?

Yes, JD Wetherspoons will continue to accept the JD Wetherspoons vouchers during the 12 months transitional period and for an additional 12 months from expiry date in view of lockdown. For example, any Old Camra Wetherspoon vouchers which may have expired during January 2021 will now be accepted in Wetherspoon pubs until January 2022. Full information can be found here

I've recently renewed, can I swap my vouchers?

Unfortunately, with the introduction of a new scheme, there is a transitional period.  But as of 2021, the all new vouchers are in full circulation.

How do the new vouchers work for Life Members?

We will issue new vouchers to all Life members on 1 April of each year for a year.

Will other pubs be getting involved?

We hope more pubs will join the scheme as it develops.

Any pubs wishing to enter into an agreement to take the CAMRA Vouchers, should contact  camravouchers@camra.org.uk

Pubs can also register onto the Real Ale Discount Scheme to offer discounts via CAMRA membership card.

Still got a question about vouchers?

Any queries regarding vouchers should be directed to the Membership Team at membership@camra.org.uk or 01727 798440

Pub Chain or Independent Pub? Interested in joining the Voucher scheme?

We would love more pubs to join in, as the voucher scheme develops. It was created to encourage footfall into pubs and the responsible drinking of real ale and real cider. 

CAMRA vouchers are currently accepted at over 1,500 pubs nationwide.

Any pubs wishing to enter into an agreement to take the CAMRA Vouchers, should contact  camravouchers@camra.org.uk

Pubs can also choose to register onto the Real Ale Discount Scheme to offer discounts via membership card. For more details visit: camra.org.uk/discountscheme

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