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Branch Pub Data Co-ordinator (Essential Branch role)

The purpose of the role is to co-ordinate data collection and maintain details of all pubs and clubs in the branch area, working as a team. The data feeds into WhatPub and provides information for pub guides such as the Good Beer Guide and for national surveys.

Activities and guidance

  • Receive surveys of pubs and clubs (including those that do not sell real ale) from the Pub Promotions Co-ordinator and branch volunteers, then enter the information into one of CAMRA’s pub database systems Pubzilla, Spile, Hops or bespoke. Update the survey field.
  • Export data updates to WhatPub as soon as changes are complete.
  • Prompt systematic update surveys with the Pub Promotions Co-ordinator for volunteers to survey by visit or phone. Aim for a regular interval of between 1 and 2 years, and also when there’s a significant change, to ensure information is up to date for users of WhatPub.
  • Encourage local branch members and licensees to submit updates via WhatPub and perhaps use Facebook to widen the coverage.
  • Provide survey sheets for branch volunteers and branch Pub or Club Contacts for them to carry out annual or regular update surveys.
  • Process and respond to every update submitted via WhatPub promptly and certainly within 4 weeks. Prompt acknowledgment encourages further feedback submissions.
  • Ensure that dates of pub closures, change dates and re-openings are correctly recorded for the purposes of the six-monthly national survey on pub closures.
  • Work with the Branch Chair or Secretary to ensure that pub and club surveys and updates are regularly discussed at branch meetings and mentioned to members via the Comms Tool and in member Newsletters.
  • Liaise with neighbouring branches to ensure that no pub gets missed, that only one branch keeps the data for each pub and that in this respect branch boundaries are clearly defined.
  • Maintain adequate details of clubs serving real ale, since these are candidates for a Branch Club of the Year competition.
  • Provide GBG survey sheets for the branch Good Beer Guide Submissions Co-ordinator in preparation for Good Beer Guide nominations before the deadline each March.
  • Be consistent in the use of language for all pub and club descriptions by referring to the GBG style guidelines.
  • Be the branch contact for the Regional Pub Data Co-ordinator.
  • Seek out and mentor your potential successor.


This is mainly a co-ordinator or team leader role.  It is not envisaged that the Pub Data Co-ordinator should attempt to carry out all the pub data updates for a branch (unless the branch area has a small or manageable number of pubs), since the scale of effort required to do so single-handedly will very likely be beyond the capabilities of any one volunteer.

Examples of potential delegation:

  • Data entry.
  • Taking photos, doing backlog surveys, checking transport routes, etc. You can enable other volunteers to edit the database if they are willing.
  • With the GBG Submissions Co-ordinator, ensure style guidelines compliance for GBG pubs and clubs and entry into the database.
  • Systematic pub and club information updates, e.g. by Pub and Club Contacts.
  • Public transport route number information and updates (easiest by using Google maps).
  • Data consistency checks (done by data download into Excel and comparing record fields).
  • Picture copyright attribution compliance.

Useful skills and knowledge

  • Interest in maintaining accurate data.
  • Good writing skills and online input proficiency.
  • Experience with MS Excel.
  • Access to a computer/tablet and the internet.

Time commitment

  • This role can take up as much time as you are prepared to give. Around an hour or two a week is typical except at key times such as the annual Good Beer Guide
  • Attendance at your branch meetings is helpful.

Code of conduct

  • Adhere to CAMRA’s Code of Conduct and Volunteers’ Charter and, in particular, refrain from putting forward any personal points of view that are against CAMRA’s policies or that might bring the Campaign into disrepute.
  • Never be libellous – if in doubt leave it out.
  • Ensure that personal data (such as licensee personal email addresses, phone numbers, images, photographs, etc.) are used/published in line with CAMRA’s policies on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and copyright legislation.

Information and support

Download Pub Data Co-ordinator role guidance document

Regional Pub Data Co-ordinator

Purpose of the role

To help and support Branch Pub Data Co-ordinators and their teams to maintain pub data in an efficient and effective way, and to ensure as far as possible that pub and club data is accurate and complete for the needs of both the WhatPub online guide and general pub campaigning.

Activities and tasks

  • To encourage Branch Pub Data Co-ordinators to adopt the most efficient and effective best practice approach to updating pub and club data, including delegation of surveying and updates amongst branch members, and encouraging the submission of updates by members and licensees.
  • To play an active role in training new Branch Pub Data Co-ordinators in the use of the relevant pub database system (Pubzilla or Spile).
  • To monitor the performance of Branch Pub Data Co-ordinators to ensure submitted updates are processed in a timely manner, and to act as a safety net to complete updates on behalf of the branch when updates have not been processed within the recommended time frame (four weeks).
  • To take over all pub data updates temporarily for any branch that cannot recruit a volunteer Branch Pub Data Co-ordinator.
  • To act as a channel for the handling of large-scale pub updates, packaging updates in a manner for branches to deal with and completing these updates on behalf of the branch if there are insufficient volunteer resources.
  • To keep the Regional Director informed of any support issues within any branch within the region, and to receive from the Regional Director updates on branch committee role changes, the appointment of new Branch Pub Data Co-ordinators and any instances where the position of Branch Pub Data Co-ordinator in a branch falls vacant.

Note that volunteers performing the role of Regional Pub Data Co-ordinator may do so on behalf of more than one region.  All Regional Pub Data Co-ordinators are also members of the National Pub Data Updates Support Team, who perform many roles other than that of a Regional Pub Data Co-ordinator, including the national administration of all pub and clubs data.

Code of conduct

  • To refrain from putting forward any personal points of view to the media that are against CAMRA’s policy or might bring the Campaign into disrepute.
  • To abide by CAMRA’s Volunteers’ Charter and Code of Conduct.
  • The role requires patience, tact and diplomacy.

Time commitment

  • This role can take up as much time as you are prepared to give. Circa 40 hours a month is probably a minimum, except at key times or in unforeseen circumstances when a higher level of commitment might be required.

Skills etc needed

  • Good interpersonal and communications skills.
  • Good writing skills and online input proficiency.
  • Access to a computer and the internet.


  • Support is available from your Regional Director(s) and from fellow members of the National Pub Data Updates Support Team

Click on the link to download this role description Regional Pub Data Co-ordinator

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