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Land Registry Database Information

The Land Registry provides certain lists that are available for download, and the list that is most relevant for pub ownership is the Corporate and Commercial Owners list. We have downloaded this list of several million records and have loaded it into a database.

To perform a search of this Land Registry data you can either:

  1. Use a Land Registry Database App developed by Graham Cossins, using the instructions below;
  2. Search the database directly using the instructions below.

Land Registry Database App

Use the link https://tools.camra.org.uk/landregistry/ – which you can use to search for either:

  1. a postcode or
  2. two strings of text from the property address field, e.g. town and street.

Search the database directly:

To access this database you will need a MySQL client. We recommend https://www.heidisql.com/
Go to https://www.heidisql.com/download.php?download=installer, and download and run the installer.

When you launch HeidiSQL setup a connection with:

  • Network Type: MySQL (TCP/IP)
  • Hostname: vol.aws.camra.org.uk
  • User: landregistry
  • Password: landregistry
  • Port: 3306

This will give you select only (read only) access. The only table is ccod which will be the most current data (the data is updated every month).

A typical query would be:
SELECT Tenure,PropertyAddress,ProprietorName1 FROM ccod WHERE Postcode = “A12 3CD”

Here is a more detailed step by step guide:

  • In the left hand column are two databases: landregistry and information_schema
  • click on landregistry
  • click on the table ccod
  • At the top of the right hand panel click on the Query tab
  • type in SELECT Tenure,PropertyAddress,ProprietorName1 FROM ccod WHERE Postcode = “A12 3CD” and press F9
  • The results are displayed in the box below the query entry box
  • To process a large set of results, use Tools and Export Grid Rows, Copy to clipboard, using Excel CSV format and Complete row selection, and press OK, and then copy the results into a spreadsheet.

Please note that only 60% of the land registry records have a postcode, and therefore if you do not get a match, then you should try something like:

SELECT Tenure,PropertyAddress,ProprietorName1 FROM ccod WHERE PropertyAddress LIKE “%street%” AND PropertyAddress LIKE “%town%”

You can also search for all pubs owned by a pubco e.g.

  • select Tenure,PropertyAddress,Postcode,ProprietorName1 from ccod where ProprietorName1 like “%UNIQUE PUB%” (a flexible match)
  • select Tenure,PropertyAddress,Postcode,ProprietorName1 from ccod where ProprietorName1 = “UNIQUE PUB PROPERTIES LIMITED” (an exact match, but there may be many variations, so the flexible match is better)

To match Land Registry results to WhatPub entries:

  • Export the results of a flexible search above
  • Paste into columns A-D in the spreadsheet PubOwnerLandRegistry.xlsx
  • Look for a match on pub name or street i.e. compare columns B with E or F
  • If the Owner in D does not match the Owner in H then note the correct Owner in column J.

Click on the link below to download this information:

Access to Land Registry Data

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