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This page gives an overview of resources for branches to use to promote the Pulling Together campaign.


The Pulling Together Campaign was launched by CAMRA, in partnership with SIBA (the Society of Independent Brewers) and Crowdfunder at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Campaign aims to support pubs, clubs, breweries and cider makers throughout the pandemic and recovery period, which has been a time of unprecedented challenges for the industry.

We have also created Brew2You – which has encouraged consumers to spend over £120,000 to support pubs and brewers across the UK (you can find assets to promote these on your social media accounts and websites in the ‘Digital Assets’ section below).

 We will be continuing to use the Pulling Together Campaign to promote pubs, clubs, brewers and cider makers during the ongoing pandemic recovery period, and as long as some form of restrictions are in place across the whole or parts of the UK. 

The sections below have been updated to help you continue to promote Pulling Together as the situation changes. If you do spot anything that is out date, please email the Campaigns Team on campaigns@camra.org.uk


Key messages of the Pulling Together campaign
  • CAMRA is getting back to the pub – and we want everyone else to do the same. 
  • Pubs, clubs, brewers and cider makers need customers to support them to make sure they can recover and thrive post-pandemic.
  • Consumers want to get back to the pub, enjoy cask beer, and have access to local and independent brands.
  • The beer and pub industry was a force for good during the first UK-wide lockdown and continues to do amazing work to help the COVID-19 response in their local communities.
What can I do if there is a local lockdown in my area?

Branches can continue to use the Pulling Together campaign in the event of a local lockdown. You can still support local pubs, clubs, breweries and cider makers by updating WhatPub to list takeaway and delivery services, sending details on brewery and cider services to pullingtogether@camra.org.uk and by using Brew2You.

If pubs are closed in your area, then you can also help by campaigning for rent cancellation for tied tenants. There are template letters to pub companies available for branch use in the Campaigns Hub.

Updating local initiatives (pubs, clubs, breweries and cider producers)

You can let us know about initiatives from pubs, breweries and cider/perry producers, to be featured in the brewer and cider listings on the website and WhatPub, in the following ways.

Pubs – WhatPub and online form

We have introduced some temporary changes to WhatPub to help people find pubs, clubs and brewery taprooms offering alternative services during the enforced closure period.

Branch Committee members can help us keep up-to-date with initiatives in your local area by updating WhatPub directly. You can find instructions on how to do this at the end of the memo here.

As restrictions and alert levels change, branches should continue to record any changes that are likely to be temporary using the “additional services” function. It is advised that branch pub databases should only be amended for changes which are expected to be long term in nature.

Other members and the public can help us crowdsource information on services that pubs and breweries are offering. They can do this by submitting details through the form at the bottom of the page here.

We have placed disclaimers in several places on WhatPub – the disclaimers on venue pages may change to reflect national lockdowns, or to direct people to find tier restrictions in place in different nations of the UK.

Breweries and cider producers offering delivery or takeaway services

We will be continuing to feature our brewery and cider listings on the website  – we expect that some brewers and cider makers will make alterations to services they are offering in reaction to local and national lockdowns.

If you do see any changes to services from local brewers or cider makers near you, please email changes to pullingtogether@camra.org.uk (please includes the brewery/cider makers name, and what changes they are making, ideally including a link to where you found the information).

Branch Magazines

Branch magazines are a great way to connect with your local members – and we have seen some great examples of branches who have continued to publish digital versions of their magazines during lockdown.

More information on making the biggest impact with your branch magazine is available here.

Branch activities

Please check the branch mailouts for the latest guidance on branch activities from the CAMRA COVID Review Group, which is chaired by Abigail Newton, CAMRA Vice Chairman. 

Speaking to the press

You might be contacted by the local press to comment on the challenges facing our pubs during reopening and how CAMRA is trying to help – please contact the press team at HQ for help with any queries and pass over any national media requests by emailing press@camra.org.uk

We have a Press & Publicity Toolkit available for branches here.

Resources for pubs

Resources for pubs on the latest government guidance, financial support, running delivery services, licensing FAQs and crowdfunding etc. is available on the website here. This includes the different support schemes and guidance in place in devolved nations.

If landlords ask you questions about what they can and can’t do at this time, or about business support from the government, please point them to the resource documents – they contain links to all relevant government guidance.

We should all take care to make sure that we are signposting to government guidance and not attempting to give, or being interpreted as giving, professional/legal advice. If landlords have questions about licensing or planning issues, they need to contact the relevant departments of their local council or planning authority. 

Examples of great branch campaigning

To provide inspiration, we will be linking to some examples of what other branches are doing as part of the Pulling Together campaign.

Examples of online festivals:

Branch social media:

Branch websites:

Government engagement:

Other campaigning:

  • Some branches have produced ‘Lockdown Hero’ awards, which aim to recognise the pubs, clubs, brewers and cider makers in their area who have gone the extra mile to support their communities. Over 250 awards have already been made, showing just how vital our locals can be.
Useful press releases and statistics


You can find all our latest press releases here. They often contain other useful information and updates on aspects of the Pulling Together Campaign, and everything that CAMRA has been doing during the COVID pandemic and recovery period.

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