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This page gives an overview of resources for branches to use to promote the Pulling Together campaign.



The Pulling Together Campaign was launched by CAMRA, in partnership with SIBA and Crowdfunder.

The Campaign aims to support pubs and breweries through the Covid-19 crisis, which is a time of unprecedented challenges for the industry. We are doing this by promoting pubs and breweries that are still able to offer services at this time (mainly food and beer delivery services) and highlighting pubs which are helping their local community during the Covid-19 crisis.

Everyone can get involved in promoting the campaign – this is about making sure that as many people as possible know what services pubs and breweries are still providing during the Covid-19 crisis. This doesn’t mean only promoting delivery services of food or online beer orders – it could be anything that local pubs are doing to help the community.

Please be aware that when promoting the campaign, we need to emphasise delivery services and low-contact ways to support pubs and breweries in line with the current Government guidance around public health and safety.

You may also want to link to the NHS advice for the public on Covid-19, including  staying at home wherever possible, and adhering to social distancing when leaving the house for essential reasons: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/

Updating local initiatives (pubs, breweries and cider)

You can let us know about initiatives from pubs, breweries and cider/perry producers, to be featured in central lists on the website and WhatPub, in the following ways.

Pubs – WhatPub and online form

We have introduced some temporary changes to WhatPub to help people find pubs, clubs and brewery taprooms offering alternative services during the enforced closure period.

Branch Committee members can help us keep up-to-date with initiatives in your local area by updating WhatPub directly. You can find instructions on how to do this at the end of the memo here

Other members and the public can help us crowdsource information on services that pubs and breweries are offering. They can do this by submitting details through the form at the bottom of the page here

Breweries – online form

Please let us know about breweries offering online sales and delivery initiatives by filling in the form at the bottom of the page here

You can view the full list on the website here.

Cider and perry producers

The Real Ale, Cider and Perry Campaigns Committee are in the process of producing a list of real cider and perry that is available for online order/delivery.

If members are aware of any outlets please let us know by emailing PullingTogether@camra.org.uk and we can pass these on to be added to the lists, which are on the website here: If members are aware of any outlets please let us know by emailing PullingTogether@camra.org.uk and we can pass these on to be added to the lists, which are on the website here.

Promoting the Campaign online

Social Media

As a branch, you can help promote the campaign using external-facing social media accounts. We have developed a range of graphics and collateral so that you can update your Twitter and Facebook banners and share images linking back to the Pulling Together page, which are available to download in the ‘Digital Assets’ tab.

You could also share posts from local pubs and breweries on your own pages, and into local Facebook groups.

You can also join CAMRA’s dedicated Pulling Together Facebook group and share the group with your followers. We’d love more volunteers to get involved in organising ‘social’ events, e.g. beer o’clock, pub quizzes, music nights, trivia etc. Please feel free to get involved and suggest activities! The page is available here.  

Comms Tool

Please make sure that your branch members are aware of the campaign and how they can support local breweries and pubs with a localised email using the Comms Tool. Picking out a few examples in your area and how people can help support them would be a great way to generate interest and engagement from local members.

Branch websites

To help get the word out about the campaign, we would love for you to publicise the activity on your branch website. Each branch website is set up differently, but if possible, the campaigning information should be front and centre. It is important to demonstrate to local communities that we are still campaigning, even though beer festivals and events have been cancelled.

If you already have a list of local pub/brewery/cider producer initiatives on your branch website, please email a link to pullingtogether@camra.org.uk and we can get these added to WhatPub or our brewery or cider/perry producer lists.

We have produced this template text for branches to use on websites:

CAMRA launches #PullingTogether Campaign

Pubs, breweries and taprooms are fighting for their very survival against  Covid-19. Many are finding different and innovative ways to help their business weather the crisis – whether this is by launching hot food deliveries, encouraging locals to buy ‘gift cards’ for the summer or crowdfunding. There are plenty of ways that you can help support your favourite local business during this time of crisis, whilst adhering to the Government advice on social distancing measures.

Some local initiatives in the area include: XXXX

To find more pubs offering takeaway or delivery services, please visit whatpub.com. CAMRA also has a list of breweries offering these services, which is available both on beerishere.org and camra.org.uk/pullingtogether/

Join the online community! Nothing can replace the local pub, but at CAMRA we are striving to bring people together to combat the loneliness and isolation imposed by these times. Why join the online community? You can find us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/pullingtogetherforpubspintsandpeople/

Digital assets
Branch Magazines

Branch magazines are a great way to connect with your local members. Of course, you won’t be able to distribute these in pubs at the moment, but an online magazine can be regularly updated with content to reflect the fast-changing situation we are faced with.

Please find below some suggested copy for your magazine:

CAMRA launches new campaign to help support the pub and brewing industry.

CAMRA is working with SIBA and Crowdfunder to launch a new campaign called #PullingTogether which aims to support the beer and pub trade during these difficult times.

The campaign promotes pubs and breweries looking to innovate and allow their business to continue trading during these times, such as by offering delivery services, or helping with the Covid-19 response in their community. All initiatives are easily searchable using CAMRA’s WhatPub database, and a list of brewery initiatives is online at camra.org.uk/pullingtogether/

We’d encourage all beer lovers during this period to support local businesses to ensure they are able to re-open and continue trading once this crisis passes – whilst adhering to Government advice and guidance regarding social distancing measures. We’ve collated a list of local pubs and breweries that might be useful as a quick reference, which can be viewed here: xxxxxxx

We also realise the devastating impact that the current lockdown will have on many people’s mental health and wellbeing. Pubs have always played a pivotal role in tackling loneliness, and without access to those venues we’ve launched an online pub and Facebook community. These measures will never be able to replace our beloved locals, but can help you stay connected with others, share beers and chats in lockdown and enjoy virtual events like pub quizzes and socials.

To join the Facebook group, please visit https://www.facebook.com/groups/pullingtogetherforpubspintsandpeople/


Speaking to the press

You might be contacted by the local press to comment on the dire situation facing our pubs and how CAMRA is trying to help. We have put together a briefing on the subject which is regularly being updated and available here

We have also created a Press and Publicity toolkit for pubs to use to promote what they are doing during the Covid-19 crisis which should also provide help and advice for branch members. Please also feel free to contact the press team directly with any queries and pass over any national media requests on press@camra.org.uk 

Resources for pubs

A reminder that resources for pubs on latest government guidance on what services can still be offered, financial support, running deliveries, crowdfunding etc. is available on the website here.

If landlords ask you questions about what they can and can’t do at this time, or about business support from the government, please point them to the resource documents – they contain links to all relevant government guidance.

We should all take care to make sure that we are signposting to government guidance and not attempting to give professional/legal advice. If landlords have questions about licensing or planning issues, they need to contact the relevant departments of their local council.

Please note that the situation, and guidance from the government, has been fast moving. We are updating our resources as advice changes. Any business which can remain open during the Covid-19 crisis must adhere to government guidance on hygiene and social distancing – and we should always make sure we signpost pubs to this.

Examples of great branch campaigning

To provide inspiration, we will be linking to some examples of what other branches are doing as part of the Pulling Together campaign.

Facebook page – Dover, Deal, Sandwich & District: https://www.facebook.com/CAMRADealDoverSandwich

Online quiz – South Herts: https://southherts.camra.org.uk/2020/04/take-part-in-our-april-2020-pullingtogether-quiz/

Branch website – CAMRA NI: https://camrani.org.uk/northern-ireland-online-off-licences/

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