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Beer Duty

The COVID-19 crisis is an unprecedented threat to pubs. This page contains information on the Save Our Pubs Campaign before the forced closure of pubs to tackle COVID-19.

Click on the button to the right to find out about the campaign to get pub companies to cancel rent for their tenants during the COVID-19 crisis.

We can transform beer duty to support pubs

Pubs face a triple tax whammy of one of the highest rates beer duty in Europe, an unfair business rates burden, and VAT. This high level of tax is squeezing publicans and forcing them to either put up prices for consumers or close their doors forever.

It’s good news that the Government has frozen beer duty this year, but these savings will likely be absorbed by breweries and pub companies, rather than being passed on the pubs and consumers.

We will continue our campaign for the radical transformation of beer duty. This is designed to help level the playing field between the price of beer sold in social, community settings and cheap supermarket alcohol consumed at home.

The Government has made a commitment to review the alcohol duty system which we will use to keep calling for a reduction in draught beer duty.

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