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Campaigning for pubs isn’t just about what the Government can do to keep pubs open. Local Councils and communities have a lot of power to help pubs thrive.  On these pages, you can find out about the vital work that is happening across the UK and outside of Parliament to save pubs, and how you can get involved.

Pulling Together

CAMRA, SIBA and Crowdfunder have teamed up on the Pulling Together Campaign – working together to help pubs, clubs, breweries and cider producers recover from the COVID-19 crisis.

Save Your Local

Is your local pub under threat? Find our definitive guides on how you can save your local from closure

Local plans

Find out how you can help keep your local open through the planning process

Change Beer Duty to help pubs

CAMRA is calling for a lower rate of tax on draught beer – that’s beer served on tap, in pubs.

 Business Rate Reform

Pubs pay a disproportionate amount of business rates – the whole system needs reform as it currently penalises publicans who run great pubs.

Reform the Pubs Code

We need the results of the Pubs Code Review, and changes to the Code to make sure that tied pub tenants ain England and Wales are treated fairly. 

Assets of Community Value

You can list your pub as an Asset of Community Value and ensure it is better protected from future development

Pubs & Wellbeing

Pubs play a pivotal role in communities and our personal wellbeing – find out how

Community Ownership

Many communities have come together to save their pub through community ownership – learn more

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