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Spotlight on… Manchester! CAMRA’s podcast goes North

The popular CAMRA podcast Pubs. Pints. People. continues its sixth season with “Spotlight on… Manchester!”, an episode that shines a light on the city and its rich brewing and pub culture. The episode is virtually hosted this month by the Stockport and South Manchester CAMRA Branch, and covers the much-loved mild beer style, why you should consider cider throughout all the seasons, and Matthew Curtis’ upcoming CAMRA book Manchester’s Best Beer, Pubs and Bars.

Listeners can hear from Chris Walkden about Mild Magic, Stockport and South Manchester branch’s award-winning event which encourages people to enjoy a pint or half-pint of mild beer in participating pubs in the area. The very special ale trail runs from 31 March to 14 May in the Manchester region.

Alongside mild, the episode also spotlights another traditional drink championed by CAMRA, which is cider. Host Alison Taffs speaks to Chris Hewitt, of the Northern Cidermakers Association and a founder of the Manchester Cider Club. She also speaks to Susanna Forbes of Little Pomona, who have just launched their Cider Is Not Just For Summer campaign. Listeners can also hear from Katie Sutton, new owner of Temperance Street Brewery & Tap Room, about Temperance Street Cider.

This episode also features beer writer and co-founder of Pellicle Matthew Curtis, who relocated to Manchester a few years ago and has fallen in love with the city. He says: “I think the beer scene here [in Manchester] is very special because it’s a culmination of very traditional cask beer culture – proper pubs if you will – versus a very modern beer scene, but that newer scene has been around for ten years. There are these different generations of brewing in Manchester, and as this younger scene has matured it’s stopped separating itself and realised they’re all part of the same whole.”

The full episode is now available on Spotify and Apple Podcast, and wherever you get your podcasts from. You can listen now by visiting