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Scots will reap social and health benefits of a pint down the local with indoor alcohol sales back on the menu next week: CAMRA

Commenting on the First Minister’s announcement that pubs in most of Scotland can serve alcohol indoors from 17th May, CAMRA’s Director for Scotland Joe Crawford said:

“CAMRA are delighted that indoor alcohol sales are on track to go ahead in most of the country from 17th May, so customers can enjoy the social and wellbeing benefits of being back inside the local – not just in its beer garden.

“This will also help the thousands of pubs, particularly smaller community locals, that do not have outside space and who desperately need to start getting money through the tills again.

“Whilst this next step is very welcome, we aren’t out of the woods yet. Distancing, curfews, household mixing rules and table-service only restrictions will still mean many pubs can’t operate at full capacity with many continuing to struggle to make ends meet as a result.

“The Scottish Government should continue to support the beer and pubs sector in the months and years until it is back on its feet. We are also calling on the UK Government to back CAMRA’s campaign to cut the rate of duty on beer served in pubs – with the savings passed on to publicans and consumers. This would help pubs to compete with cheap supermarket alcohol and encourage responsible drinking in the supervised setting of the community pub.”