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Press Release


Energy bills announcement welcome step to protect nation’s pubs from closure: CAMRA

Commenting on the announcement of the Government Energy Bill Relief Scheme for businesses that will see an energy price cap for non-domestic properties for six months from 1st October, Chairman of CAMRA Nik Antona said: 


“Today’s announcement from the Government provides much needed certainty and will help to safeguard the nation’s beloved pubs and breweries for the next six months as they grapple with the crisis of rising costs and consumers tightening their belts.  

“We are particularly happy to see that scheme will apply retrospectively to fixed contracts, as some licensees have had no choice but to sign new contracts at scarily high prices over the last few months. 

“Licensees and pub goers will also want to see this scheme extended for a 2-year period for hospitality businesses, mirroring the household support scheme, to make sure our local pubs can survive and thrive in the months and years ahead. 

“CAMRA members up and down the country are now calling on the Chancellor to use Friday’s mini-Budget to take further steps to protect the UK’s world-renowned pubs from permanent closure by implementing the promised changes to the way alcohol is taxed with a lower rate of duty for draught beer and cider – as well as action on VAT and business rates.”