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Press Release


CAMRA comments on reports that easing of restrictions in England will be delayed beyond June 21

Commenting on the news that easing of restrictions in England will be delayed beyond June 21, CAMRA National Chairman Nik Antona said: 

“The delay to the June 21 easing of restriction is awful news for publicans and means that the Government must immediately announce an additional financial support package today. 

“Just last week, the British Institute of Innkeeping (BII) released data showing that 1 in 10 pubs expect to fail if easing of restrictions was delayed – so roughly 4,000 pubs closed to their communities.  This is grim news for hard-working publicans across England who have been subjected to unfair and unevidenced restrictions from Government throughout the pandemic.  

“This is also bitterly disappointing for consumers, who are looking forward to a return to the authentic pub experience – with service at the bar and an end to restrictions on group sizes.  

“Pubs matter to people and communities – it would be devastating for Government to let them fall at the very last hurdle. That is why the Government must announce top up grant funding, extend the furlough scheme and business rates holiday, and do something to fix the rent debt crisis immediately.”