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CAMRA has been established as a campaigning organisation since March 1971.

Just a year into CAMRA’s life, in 1972, the first Good Beer Guide was published, aiming to promote and encourage pubs, breweries and consumers to produce, drink and support quality real ale. The first guide consisted of 18 pages, typed and copied with hand drawn illustrations and listed a few hundred pubs. Five decades later and the Guide has become CAMRA’s flagship publication, now listing over 4,500 pubs and almost 3,000 breweries.

CAMRA Books expanded and began to publish books on beer and brewing. We have also ventured into travel guides, with several versions of the Good Beer Guide produced for the USA, Germany, and Belgium.

Today we publish books on beer, cider, brewing, pubs and have been proudly putting the pint into print for 50 years.

    Our books & where to find them:

    The latest titles:

Modern British Beer by Matthew Curtis – published 12 August 2021

Modern British Beer maps the evolution of modern British beer through the intricate stories of individual regional beers.

Modern British Cider by Gabe Cook – publishes 6 September 2021

Modern British Cider looks at how cider has been an integral part of the UK’s landscape with heritage dating back 2,000 years.

A Year in Beer by Jonny Garrett- publishes 13 September 2021

Exactly what you need to get back to some sense of normality after a long period of troubled times, lockdowns and what was in effect a massive shift in the drinking habits of a nation.

London’s Best beer Pubs and Bars by Des de Moor

The only guide you need to explore London

The World Beer Guide by Roger Protz

Beer is the world’s favourite alcohol and it has changed out of all recognition in the 21st century. The country-by-country sections will give more detail of the changes but the introduction will lead readers into the world beer revolution by describing the enormous power and stretch of global brewers – with AB InBev accounting for one third of all beer made and consumed – with the counter culture of the world-wide craft movement. From the US to Australasia, charting the beer scene in every country, the key players and the styles available.


Modern British Beer

“Matthew Curtis has written an inspirational book, one no beer lover should miss.” – Roger Protz

    Our Publications:

The Good Beer Guide

The Good Beer Guide is CAMRA’s premier publication, featuring the very best pubs to find a great pint in the UK. It is considered the definitive beer drinker’s guide to the very best pints in the most picturesque and friendly pubs.


50 Years of CAMRA by Laura Hadland

50 Years of CAMRA contains first-hand accounts from members and industry professionals, detailing the highs and lows of one of the world’s most successful consumer organisations.

Beer by Design by Pete Brown

Beer by Design argues that the ‘art of beer’ is just as important as taste. This lavishly illustrated book traces the history of beer label design back to the UK’s first-ever trademark, exploring the conventions of successful beer design. 

The Family Brewers of Britain by Roger Protz

The Family Brewers of Britain charts 300 years of British brewing through the fascinating and sometimes fractious histories of the families still running them.

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