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CAMRA is pleased to announce our grateful thanks to the sponsors of the

Members’ Weekend, AGM & Conference 2020

Here at Black Sheep, we take an incredible amount of pride in brewing Britain’s finest drink – fresh cask beer.

We continue to have a love affair with cask beer because it sits at the very heart of who we are; it’s a pointer to where we have come from and where we are headed in the future.

We cherish the process of brewing beer and our commitment to sourcing the best ingredients means we have been able to brew a range of core cask beers which we believe should grace every pub in Britain obsessed with serving fresh, quality beer to their drinkers.

We are proud to support CAMRA and all it does to nurture and protect the cask beer category.


A progressive and passionate independent brewery founded in 1998 and located in the heart of Yorkshire.

Borne of family values; unity, team work and integrity.

Crafted over two decades, we’ve perfected the science of producing ales of consistently high quality and honed the art of brewing beers that are accessible to all.


Hambleton Brewery was born in 1991 when Nick Stafford decided to start a brewery at the bottom of his in-laws’ garden.

Armed with nothing more than a pair of wellies, some old steel tanks and a rusty Peugeot 205, Nick built his brewery with blood, sweat and tears. Why did he do this? Simply because he wanted to make great beer.

Today’s demand has meant we have moved out of the garden, and we also have some slightly shinier tanks, but Nick’s original ambition still stands. We love making great beer.


Wetherspoon has championed real ale for over 40 years.

We are proud to have 248 entries in the CAMRA Good Beer Guide 2020, as well as Cask Marque accreditation in all of our pubs.

This is testament to our staff’s commitment to serving excellent-quality beer at all times.

Date for your diary – our spring festival (Wed 25 Mar–Sun 5 Apr 2020, inclusive) is themed around female brewers and will feature another wide range of beers, including those from both UK and international brewers.

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