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Small Brewers' Relief

Your local beer is under threat.

The Government is set to increase the tax paid by some small independent breweries in the UK. This could lead to brewery closures, and less choice at the bar for you.

CAMRA has joined calls for the Government to think again – we need your help to persuade them that this is bad for UK brewing and bad for consumers.

The Detail

  • The Treasury has proposed some changes to the Small Brewers’ Relief scheme – this scheme allows smaller brewers to pay less tax to compensate for the economies of scale enjoyed by larger brewers.
  • The scheme been instrumental in the brewing boom of the last two decades.
  • The changes that the Treasury wants to make will take away tax relief from the brewers at the smaller end of the production scale to give more relief to larger ‘small’ brewers – it’s a ‘reverse Robin Hood’ tax.
  • This is bad news for small brewers at any time, let alone coming out of the COVID lockdown.

CAMRA has made a central submission to the Government consultation on Small Brewers Relief, and branches across the UK have responded as well.

Read our full submission using the button on the right.

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