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Pubs face a triple tax whammy of one of the highest rates of beer duty in Europe, an unfair business rates burden, and VAT. This high level of tax is squeezing publicans and forcing them to either put up prices for consumers or close their doors forever.

It’s good news that the Government has frozen beer duty this year, but these savings will likely be absorbed by breweries and pub companies, rather than being passed on the pubs and consumers.

In the UK 1/3 of the cost of a pub pint is now made up of tax and CAMRA believe that the current system needs to be completely reformed.

So what’s the alternative?

CAMRA are calling for a preferential rate of duty for draught beer – meaning that beer served on draught, in community pubs and social clubs would pay less tax than beer sold in supermarkets and off-licences.

The Detail

  • Beer is currently taxed at the same level, regardless of whether it’s consumed in a supervised community setting or at home.
  • CAMRA believe that the pub is the best place to drink, and we want the Government to recognise this too.
  • Charging a lower rate on draught beer will mean that savings are passed on to licensees and consumers – unlike cuts and freezes.
  • Research commissioned by CAMRA shows that reforming beer duty in this way would support pubs, create jobs and support thriving high streets.

The Research

Click below to find out more about how and why CAMRA want to reform beer tax.

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