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About the Award

The Pomona award, which is named after the Roman Goddess of apples, honours a person, group, organisation, idea or concept (where a recipient can be identified) that has made an outstanding achievement, commitment, or contribution to the promotion of real cider or perry.

Nominations are sought annually, but the award will only be awarded in years when it is felt there is a suitable candidate.

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 All forms of cider and/or perry campaigning are eligible. 

Pomona Award 2021

CAMRA presented the Pomona Award for 2021 to Susanna Forbes, cider expert and author and co-founder of Little Pomona Cider in Herefordshire.

Susanna has a multitude of cider achievements under her belt: in 2018 she published the book Cider Insider, and she has also served as drinks editor of Imbibe magazine and as a member of the Guild of British Beer Writers. She and her husband James Forbes established Little Pomona in 2015, crafting a variety of cider and perries from their orchard near Bromyard and partner orchardists around the region. They moved to their current site in 2019 and opened a Tasting Room and Cider Garden in 2020. 

Pomona Award 2020

There were two recipients of Pomona Awards during 2020.

CAMRA presented Elizabeth Pegler, from the Orchard Project, with a Pomona Award for developing the social enterprise Local Fox Cider – a project that combines cider production with food waste reduction and volunteer upskilling to create a fine product that benefits the local community.

CAMRA presented Simon Gibson, of Simon’s Cider, with a Pomona Award for creating interactive mixed cider boxes during the lockdown restrictions and complementary private tasting sessions to help people across the country not only learn about cider and perry production but actually try their hand at blending the product.

Pomona Award 2014

CAMRA presented the Pomona Award for 2014 to Cider Workshop (www.ciderworkshop.com), an online community and information resource.

Cider Workshop, which is used by cider producers and enthusiasts around the world, was chosen for the depth of information they make freely available to anybody interested in real Cider and Perry.

Pomona Award 2013

CAMRA presented the Pomona Award for 2013 to Tom Oliver of “Oliver’s Cider and Perry” for his ‘work in securing the existence of UK orchards and preserving the tradition of perry production for future generations to enjoy’.

Tom has worked tirelessly to ensure the future of British cider and perry, not only in the protection of UK orchards but also by producing a charter for The Guild of Craft Cider and Perry Producers which outlines the standards to which traditional cider and perry producers should adhere. 

Pomona Award 2011

CAMRA lauded praise on the National Collection of Cider and Perry at Middle Farm, near Lewes, East Sussex, presenting the outlet with its Pomona Award 2011 for an outstanding contribution to the cider and perry industry.

Pomona Award 2012

CAMRA presented the Pomona Award for 2012 to Dr Andrew Lea for his ‘wealth of knowledge, technical support and passion in contributing to the science and understanding of cider and perry production’.

Dr Lea’s career started at the Long Ashton Research Centre, near Bristol, and fast forward to the present day, he remains one of the leading authorities in the science behind cider and perry making. 

Pomona Award 2010

Richard Knibbs of Ye Olde Cider Bar at Newton Abbot. Andrea Briers, CAMRA’s Cider & Perry Campaigning Chair said: “Richard Knibbs thoroughly deserves CAMRA’s Pomona Award this year. He has provided the community of Newton Abbot with an outstanding range of quality real cider and perry for the last 40 years in a bar that has changed very little in the last 100 years. Scrubbed tables and settles and not a cushion in sight!

“Cider houses have dwindled over the centuries. They are not pubs and do not sell any beer or any spirits and at the last count, there were only four surviving cider houses in England. Ye Olde Cider Bar is one of these extremely rare and special places.”

Pomona Award 2009

Mike Johnson of Ross-On-Wye Cider & Perry.

Pomona Award 2008

Roger Wikins, Wilkins Cider. A Somerset-based farmhouse cidermaker who learnt his trade at his grandfather’s knee. Roger has been making cider since 1969, and winning CAMRA awards since the 1980’s. A unique and dedicated individual with a passion for his products that is hard to equal.

Pomona Award 2007

The Big Apple Organising Committee. A Herefordshire-based group dedicated to promoting English orchards, apples and cider. They earned the Pomona Award for their unflagging support and involvement with real cider and perry by hosting their annual Blossom Time and Harvest Time festivals.

Pomona Award 2006

Joint Award to Jon Hallam and John Reek. Both wholesalers were jointly awarded the accolade for supplying pubs and beer festivals with a range which would not otherwise be obtainable, and encouraging farmers to continue producing cider and perry.

Pomona Award 2005

Ivor and Susie Dunkerton, Dunkertons Cider Co.  Ivor and Susie Dunkerton were the first Soil Association certified organic producers in Herefordshire. They were given the award for their tireless work since 1979 in establishing cider and perry as a premium product, and for their extensive orcharding work.

Pomona Award 2002

Paul Johnson, Johnson’s Farmhouse Cider. Cider Producer on the Isle of Sheppy making blended cider and cider from his own orchard. He gained the award for having the vision to plan an orchard of more than 20 standard cider apple trees with a dozen different varieties.

Pomona Award 2003

Cymdeithas Perai Seider Cymru (Welsh Perry and Cider Society). The society was founded in 2001 to support Welsh-produced craft cider and perry. They were commended for raising the profile of Welsh Cider and Perry, arranging for an annual competition for Welsh producers, encouraging the planting of trees, identifying old varieties and ensuring that more pubs choose to sell real cider and perry.

Pomona Award 2001

Rod Marsh, The National Collection of Cider and Perry.  The manager of the National Collection of Cider and Perry – a unique celebration of our national fruit. However, Rod Marsh declined the award stating ‘My own contribution to cider in the UK is in its infancy compared to those whose families have striven to make our national beverage through several generations. We need to wake up as a nation and appreciate what we have.”

Pomona Award 1999

Kevin Minchew, Minchew’s Real Cyder & Perry. Producer dedication to sourcing, growing, and making cider and perry from historic tree varieties. He was commended for his dedication to tracing old varieties of cider and perry fruit, often thought lost, and ensuring that they continue to be celebrated and enjoyed as real cider and perry.

Pomona Award 1998

Gerry Alton, Brogdale. Gerry established Brogdale as home to the National Fruit Collections; a genetic pool of cider and perry fruit providing an excellent service for both growers and producers. 

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