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Here you will find information on the awards CAMRA runs to find the best beer in Britain.

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Champion Beer of Britain

Recognising the very best brew each year

Champion Winter Beer of Britain

The best beer out of traditional winter styles such as barley wines, strong old ales and stouts


Champion Bottled Beer of Britain

The best bottled beer in Britain

National Cider & Perry Championships

The very best ciders and perries in the UK.

Cider & Perry Pub of the Year

The National Cider & Perry Pub of the Year recognises the best pub or club that promotes and encourages the sale of quality real cider and perry across the country.


Pomona Awards

Recognising a person, group of people or organisations that have made an outstanding contribution to campaigning for real cider and perry.

Champion Beer of Scotland

The best brew north of the border 

Champion Beer of Wales

The pride of Wales

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