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10 great reasons to volunteer

Members give us 10 great reasons why they volunteer for CAMRA….

1. Making the most of my membership

“Being part of the Books Committee – because what could be better than books and beer?!” Tony, Stourbridge

All CAMRA members are encouraged to get involved nationally, regionally and locally – to help shape the Campaign and share interests.

2. The CAMRAderie

“I get a massive sense of belonging and feel proud and honoured to be part of the CAMRA ‘family’. I’m able to work alongside like-minded people to achieve a common aim –  the friendships I’ve made will last a lifetime” Katherine, Derby

Whether you’re a new member or been with us a while – you’ll always find a friendly face (and a beer lover!) when you volunteer with CAMRA.

3. The beer festival buzz! 

Being part of a great team – helping sell amazing beer to beer lovers (we sold out of 60 real ales on the first day!) Nora

Discover all the fun of a festival from behind the scenes (and the bar!) & enjoy benefits including beer……

4. Making an impact

“Volunteering has had a huge impact on me –  I met my wife whilst volunteering at Cambridge beer festival – and we’ve since had a baby, so I’ve a lot to be thankful to CAMRA for!” Mark, Watford

Who knows where volunteering will take you?

5. Helping save pubs

“We’re all committed to preserving and growing our pubs – we work together for a common goal” Mike, Herefordshire

For almost 50 years CAMRA has been championing real ale and pubs  – get involved with others near you to help the local survive.

6. Getting out and about

“As a Brewery Liaison Officer and a branch committee member, I survey pubs for our Mild Trail, Stout & Porter Stroll and IPA Hop. I also deliver around 200 of our ‘Nottingham Drinkers’ magazine”. Colin, Nottingham

Get to know your neighbourhood and meet others who share your passion for real ale, cider and perry. It may involve visiting pubs!

7. It’s easy to do

“CAMRA make it really easy to start volunteering, with heaps of resources and lots of support from existing committee members”. Tom, Somerset

Whether you’re already a seasoned campaigner, a social media whizz or an excellent communicator – there are opportunities to suit all at local, regional and national level.

8. Using my skills

“I’m one of 60+ members –  the Managers, Deputies and Permanents who help make the Great British Beer Festival run successfully”. Graham, Portsmouth

CAMRA offers training for Beer Festival Organisers and Bar Managers – a great way to develop and use skills.

9. Invaluable experience

“My volunteering in wet stock logistics and getting trained in fork lift driving has proved invaluable – it led to a new job where I’m using those specific skills”. James, Shropshire

Volunteering looks great on your CV and can provide fantastic experience to advance your career – just as James has found.

10. The benefits

“It’s a really friendly, welcoming atmosphere, and it’s now part of who I am.  I cannot put into words how much I enjoy stewarding at festivals. The benefits are so much better than I could have hoped for. Try it for yourself and see!” Flick, Grantham

CAMRA festivals are staffed entirely by volunteers. As a festival steward you’ll help ensure everyone feels safe – and the training gives you an industry-recognised qualification.

Find your reason to get involved with CAMRA today!

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