Super Regional Conference Agenda 2014

Registration from 11.30am for a noon start – Note that Troon will start 15 minutes earlier.

Item Comment Timings
Morning session – reports and activities1. Welcome, Opening Remarks; Background and Purpose of the Day 12-12.05
2. How CAMRA works: Committees & staff (including an update on staff structure) To show where members can go for help and what support/response active members can expect. 12.05-12.25
3. Update on CAMRA’s Strategy and Key Campaigns

  1. KC1
  2. KC2
  3. KC3
  4. KC4
To show how much has been achieved and the proposed next steps. 12.25-1.05pm
4. CAMRA’s marketing and copyright – covering CAMRA’s material and what it is trying to get across and the implications of copyright law  This is to get across CAMRA’s brand identity and provide examples to branches as to the image of CAMRA that we would like them to project. Risks to CAMRA regarding copyright and some guidance for branches. 1.05pm-1.20pm
5. Data Protection and the Membership system To raise awareness of issues so that branches can protect themselves 1.20-1.40pm
Lunch (1.40pm – 2.30pm)
6. Summary of activities to support the plan and explanation of the afternoon activities  2.30-2.40pm
Afternoon session – Group Activities Split into two groups

Group A:           Saving the Pub Guidance

Sharing of successes and failures and what lessons can be learnt

Group B:           Activating Members

Barriers to volunteering

Sharing of successes and failures and what lessons can be learnt 

A key issue and one where branches seem to continually need help. It will also explain the role and support the new staff member can give. Also something that branches have been asking for 2.40-4.20pm
Break 4.20-4.35pm approximately
Group reports to full meeting and discussion

Summing up

Q&A, Thanks and next steps A chance for members to ask any questions of the National Executive and Regional Directors.Networking 5-5.15pm


A finish time no later than 5.30pm is aimed for.

Super Regional Conferences Expenses

Although usually, members pay their own expenses going to the National AGM & Conference, for the Super Regional Conferences, the National Executive has decided that a contribution will again be available towards travel expenses incurred in attending. This is to encourage as many people as possible to attend.

An expenses claim form will be available at the Conferences (to be completed in line with the Volunteer Expenses Guidelines) and will need to be supported by receipts for tickets or fuel. Of course, it is expected that attendees will find the cheapest route possible including car sharing where appropriate.

There is no limit on numbers from any branch. Members who are not involved with a branch are welcome.