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Key Campaign 3 – Activity Report

The focus of this campaign is on increasing consumer awareness of real ales, real ciders & real perries. This campaign will be supported by the production and distribution of promotional material for use in pubs and at CAMRA events throughout the year. CAMRA will work with a selection of trade and industry partners as part of this key campaign.

CAMRA’s Real Ale Campaign – GET REAL 

The GET REAL campaign promotes different elements of real ale through posters and beer mats that are designed to be used in pubs and at beer festivals.

These elements include the awareness of the low calories in real ale, the increasing numbers of young people trying real ale, the range of colours, smells and tastes and large numbers of breweries and real ales regularly brewed in Britain, approaching 1,200 breweries brewing over 5,000 regular beers.


Cyclops Campaign

CAMRA is a member of the Cyclops Beer Ltd board, which also consists of representatives from Cask Marque, SIBA and Everards, the founders of the scheme. CAMRA works with the industry to promote Cyclops, a sensory beer scheme that uses simple, clear descriptors to explain what a beer looks, smells and tastes like. It also gives each beer a score out of five for bitterness and sweetness.

Approximately 300 breweries and 1850 beers are now accredited to Cyclops.

Different retailers are now using Cyclops to help describe the beers to their customers. This include the likes of Morrisons, who use the tasting notes on shelf edging in the British beer section, and pub companies such as Punch and Mitchell & Butler.

Cyclops website,, also allows beer festivals to create cask end cards that promote the Cyclops tasting notes.

Cider and Perry Campaigning

A new marketing campaign to promote real cider and perry was launched in 2013 titled REAL CIDER AND PERRY GROWS ON TREES.

The new campaign was launched to the 1,500 pubs that are signed up to CAMRA’s national real cider and perry initiative and includes a variety of material to help pubs and festivals raise consumer awareness of these drinks and their availability.



LocAle, which has had a design refresh in the last year, goes from strength to strength with the majority of CAMRA branches now running a scheme.

This campaign, originated in Nottingham by the local CAMRA branch, helps raise the awareness of beers that have been brewed locally in pubs.