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Key Campaign 2 – Activity Report

National Planning Reform (England)
Every week, two pubs are converted to supermarkets. A loophole in planning law means pubs can be demolished or converted to mini supermarket stores and a range of other uses including estate agents and pay-day loan stores without a planning application.
CAMRA is calling for these loopholes to be closed so any change or use or demolition of a pub would need planning permission.
Council support for pubs (England)
CAMRA recently commissioned the Local Government Information Unit (LGIU) to produce a report: “Public Houses: How councils and communities can save pubs”. The report is available at
The purpose of the report is to promote the tools available to Councils and communities in England to protect pubs from redevelopment and to share examples of best practice. We will be sending this report to all Councils and encouraging them to do more to protect and support community pubs.
Pub Company Reform Campaign (England)
Thousands of publicans are set to be protected from unfair practices following the Government’s announcement in June of a new Pubs Adjudicator. This Adjudicator will ensure that publicans tied to big pub companies are treated fairly and will crack down on pub companies squeezing publicans out of business with high rents and beer prices.
Publicans could see the price they pay for beer fall by up to 60p a pint if the new Adjudicator forces the big pubcos to match open market prices. This saving for publicans would be a huge boost in the battle to keep pubs open and could lead to cheaper beer prices for consumers.
Of course there is more to do – as the Bill goes through Parliament in the coming months, we will be pushing for the Government to go further by introducing guest beer and market rent only options for tied publicans.  This is the best way to deliver greater consumer choice ensure tied publicans are no worse off than if they were free of tie.